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Re: mouse color only on current line of links

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10332] jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Links like
> <p><a href="bla">This is a link<br>
>  spread onto another line.</a></p>
> have the yellow mouseover color only on the same line the mouse is on.
> It should be on the whole link, like the w3m-current-anchor face when
> the block cursor is on top of it.

Emacs-w3m renders the intermediate data, called halfdump, that
w3m returns for html source.  You can see how the halfdump for
the link you cited will become by executing the following shell

(echo '<p><a href="bla">This is a link<br>' ; echo ' spread onto another line.</a></p>')| w3m -halfdump -T text/html

As you can see there are two links.  That is why the mouse-face
is put separately line by line.  It will make users be confused
indeed, I'm not an exception, however I have no smart plan to
improve it so far.  Maybe one way is to gather the same
neighboring links, but it will probably make emacs-w3m slow.