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[gnu.emacs.help] Re: Emacs/w3m textarea editing in same window

Dear Emacs-w3m team,

here is a question I sent to the gnu.emacs.help mailing list:

> Hello,
> when editing textareas in Emacs/w3m I end up editing in a separate (and
> smaller) window.  Since my blocks of text are rather large, I would
> prefer very much if the current window would be used for editing (and
> restored afterwards).  I tried to get this behaviour by using
> (pushnew "*w3m form textarea*" same-window-buffer-names)
> Unfortunately, this did not help.  Does anyone here know a solution?

Niels Giesen replied:

> This is because `w3m-form-input-textarea' does not call one of
> `display-buffer' and `pop-to-buffer', but rather `switch-to-buffer', and
> handles window creation and ~ switching itself.
> I see no way short of either commenting out 
> (condition-case nil
>   (split-window cur-win (if (> size 0) size window-min-height))
> (error
>  (delete-other-windows)
>  (split-window cur-win (- (window-height cur-win)
> 			  w3m-form-input-textarea-buffer-lines))))
> (select-window (next-window))
> at the end of the definition of w3m-form-input-textarea, or filing a
> feature request (preferably with a patch) to the devs of emacs-w3m that
> would achieve what you want.

His solution is OK for me, but should better be configurable to be used
only when desired.

If you would consider this a reasonable thing for future w3m versions, I
could drop changing the function definition in my .emacs.

Thanks for Emacs-w3m,