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too easy for *w3m form textarea* to get lost

I find it is quite easy to lose track of the *w3m form textarea*
buffer. All one has to do is a few C-x b (switch-to-buffer)s. Then
later when you want to continue filling in the form, if you e.g., find
the form's buffer and hit RET again inside the input box. If you're
lucky you will see "The saved text for this form exists. Use it? (y or
n)" If you are unlucky it will create a *w3m form textarea*<2> buffer.

So therefore there should perhaps be a tighter bond between the form
and its *w3m form textarea* buffer. Once one does a few C-x b's it is
real hard to restore things the way they were (Form at sliver at top
of screen, *w3m form textarea* on the rest of the screen.)