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Re: move to next/previous submit button

>> Gentlemen, I am unhappy with (info "(emacs-w3m)Moving in a page").
>> E.g., I am on
>> http://radioscanningtw.jidanni.org/index.php?title=%E5%98%89%E7%BE%A9%E7%B8%A3%E6%B6%88%E9%98%B2%E5%B1%80&action=history
>> and I want to go to the form submit button, but
>> ] runs the command w3m-next-form
>> insists on first taking be to each ( ) and (*) checkbox along the
>> way.
>> Hmm, maybe deploy
>> ) is undefined
>> as a new command, but that needs a SHIFT. Yuck...

NA> How about trying w3m-submit-form() (bounded to C-c C-c, by default).
NA> This function submit the current form.

I'm sorry, I don't necessarily want to submit the form. I just want to
jump to the next button.

The problem appears to be that emacs-w3m should have different
commands to distinguish jumping to
<input type="submit"> vs. <input type="radio">.
Here I just want to jump to the next of the former, jumping over any
of the latter.

(Indeed, maybe also have an extra command to jump to only "checked" or
"unchecked" radio boxes too.)