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Would you like to trade links?


I visited your site emacs-w3m.namazu.org and I'm interested in 
swapping links with you. I can add your link to a category specific 
page on our site www.allsitesdirectory.com, in exchange for a link 
back from the home or internal page of your site. 
If you're interested, please reply to this email with your link 
details and the URL of your links page below:

Anchor Text (example: Atlanta employment agency): 
Links Page (where you will place my link):

Once I hear back from you with the following information, I'll send 
you a reply regarding our link details. Remember, we need all of the 
information above in order to post your link. I look forward to 
hearing from you.

Best regards,

Jessica Brooks
Account Manager

Ref: 12-20