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Re: view, not download PDF

jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Odd, why this trouble with this PDF:
> $ set http://blogsecurity.net/projects/WordPress_Whitepaper_rev12.pdf
> $ HOME=/tmp emacs -eval '(w3m "'$1'")'
> gives Input WordPress_Whitepaper_rev12.pdf's content type (default Download):
> $ HEAD -P $1|grep Type
> Content-Type: application/x-pdf
> (Anyway, even if we choose that, xpdf is not started.)
> $ HOME=/tmp w3m $1 #works fine and calls xpdf.bin /tmp/.w3m/w3mtmp9248-0.pdf

It was because emacs-w3m only process "application/pdf" as pdf, but not
"application/x-pdf". I've fixed it in emacs-w3m CVS. Thank you for your