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Re: automatically filling out WordPress comment fields

OK, I made
(defun jidanni-w3m-wordpress-comment-who-filler()
  "Fill in WordPress etc. comment form headers with my personal
information. Run this when the next entry field on the page is the
first we want to fill in. Only needed on sites that don't already have
your cookies..."
    (dolist (i (list "jidanni" "jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx" "http://jidanni.org/";))
      (let* ((act (get-text-property (point) 'w3m-action))
	     (form (cadr act))
	     (id (caddr act))
	     (name (cadddr act))
	     (input i))
	(w3m-form-put form id name input)
	(w3m-form-replace input)))
And it works. I bet Firefox can't fill in three fields in one snap!

However, how might I make it first jump down to
the <input id="author"> area on e.g.,
so I can invoke it even from the top of that page? Thanks.