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wishlist: show location of <a name= id=> anchors

Let's take a web page like
(occur "id=" nil) (or "name=")
2 matches for "id=" in buffer: 電腦 Computers *w3m*
     53:   <h2><a name="quote" id="quote">我的名言
     65:   <h2><a name="rms" id="rms"></a> <a href=

My question is can emacs-w3m somehow help me find these anchors, or do
I have to resort to "\ runs the command w3m-view-source" and then look
for myself?

It would be neat to be able to issue a command, and have the anchors
suddenly appear exposed on the page.

That way I can say to a friend "just go see
http://jidanni.org/comp/index.html#rms " without having to dig around
in the HTML source to find if it really leads to the place I want.

What I'm saying is it would be neat to type a command, and all the
  • [ANCHOR #quote] 我的名言 My famous quote
  • [ANCHOR #rms] 斯托曼2005年訪台 Stallman 2005 Taiwan visit
would appear. (Or just e.g., [#rms] instead of [ANCHOR #rms].)

And there should also be a command to toggle them back off.