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Problem with sb-rss-hash (bug in luna?)

The general RSS shimbun rss-hash (for feeds with full content) throws
an error in the following lines in sb-rss.el (lines 224 f.):

(if (and ignored-subject subject)
    (not (string-match ignored-subject subject))

The problem is that "ignored-subject" contains bogus data. Of course,
you can circumvent this problems by using

(if (and (stringp ignored-subject) subject)

but this does not really solve the problem.

The sb-rss-hash shimbun inherits from sb-rss and from sb-hash:

  (luna-define-class shimbun-rss-hash (shimbun-hash shimbun-rss) ())

The problem is that only the constructor of shimbun-hash is called, not
the one from shimbun-rss (by 'constructor' I mean the
initialize-instance method). If I reverse the order of those two, it's
the other way round, so it seems it is always the first one.

Since the shimbun-rss constructor is not called,
'shimbun-rss-initialize-ignored-subject' is never used and so the
'ignored-subject' slot is not properly initialized.

I'm inclined to say that this is a bug in luna.el, but I'm not familiar
with that package, so I may very well be wrong. I'm hoping that someone
around here more familiar with luna can say how this problem can be
fixed properly.