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Re: w3m-goto-url customization

>>>>> "ha" == henry atting <nsmp_01@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

ha> I am in an emacs-w3m buffer and visiting a page then I want to go to
ha> another url with `g', mmh, I find always the current url already filled
ha> in the prompt. Why? I can hardly image a scenario where I would want to
ha> go to the same url again. And if I had to refresh the url I would use
ha> `R'. It is annoying that I have always to delete the current url. 
ha> Can I change this behaviour?

ha> Regards,
ha> henry

I usually want to go to various slight adjustments of the current URL,
usually adjusting the rear end, e.g. I make &action=edit become

I see the cursor is however put at the beginning of the URL, hmmm,
well easy for you to just do C-k on at least.

Also neat is how when you have the cursor on top of a URL, "g" lets
you start adjusting that too.