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Re: w3m-local-find-file-regexps parens

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10830] Kevin Ryde wrote:
> In the current cvs w3m-local-find-file-regexps ends up with

>     "\\.html?\\|shtml?\\|txt\\|xhtml?\\'"

> but I wonder if there's meant to be some parens around the alternatives
> so the \\. is required for all of them, as shown in the docstring, and
> for example so that the following doesn't match (whereas it currently
> does)

>     (string-match (cdr w3m-local-find-file-regexps) "etxt")

Thank you for the patch.  I've applied it in CVS.  That is due
to a bug of `regexp-opt' that has been fixed in Emacs 23:

2008-05-23  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* emacs-lisp/regexp-opt.el (regexp-opt): Always return
	a properly-grouped regexp.

But I verified your patch is still necessary for running w3m.el
with Emacs 21, 22, and XEmacs.