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Re: better default for search

Samuel Wales <samologist@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> In the following code, I replaced 'word with 'sexp and get
> much better results.  It is much more common that I search
> for a word-like-this than one word.
> Perhaps w3m can either change this to sexp as I have done
> below or allow a variable for it.

That would depends upon the individual person. For people who loves
Emacs Lisp :) and speak in English, 'sexp would be better. But
(thing-at-point 'sexp) on Japanese sentence returns too much than one
expect, so for Japanese 'word would be better.

Anyway I agree with your suggestion to add variable to change it. I've
added it in the CVS. That is named `w3m-search-thing-at-point-arg'.

Thank you for your suggestion.