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pdf links do not open as expected

When I visit a page that has a link that is a .pdf, and I
pres RET on that link, w3m tries to save the contents to a
file.  What I expected instead was the opportunity to run an
external browser or a pdf reader.

the "M" command does the same thing.  What I expected here
was an external browser.

I couldn't find a place in the code where you can set this.
Perhaps there is a variable.

I have browse-url-browser-function set to this.  I don't
know if it is good that w3m ignores it or not.

          ("\\.pdf\$" . browse-url-default-macosx-browser)
          ("." . w3m-browse-url)))

There is another bug that is probably unrelated.  When w3m
tries to save the file, it interacts strangely with ido,
causing it to say "no match".  This is not as important.


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