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Re: bug#4090: Bug#541704: emacs-snapshot ruins w3m-el-snapshot tables

>>>>> "K" == Kenichi Handa <handa@xxxxxxxx> writes:

K> In the trunk of CVS, I added CJK fonts for those box-drawing
K> characters in the default fontset.  So, in CJK environment,
K> CJK fonts are preferred.  Perhaps, the selected CJK font
K> claims that it has glyphs for those characters, but actually
K> doesn't contain valid glyphs.  I think those vanishing
K> characters has at least 1 dot width of space.  Please put
K> cursor on one of them and type C-u C-x = to check which font
K> is selected for it.

>> • │ ┌ ┐ └ ┘ ├ ┤ ┬ ┴ ┼
In emacs23, all are visible, and very nice
In emacs-snapshot all are invisible in w3m-el-snapshot, but visible but
ugly replying here in gnus.  "•" is the same
but all the rest are