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keyboard macros do not work with w3m and org-remember

I have a lot of emacs-w3m tabs that I would like to put into org.  The
easiest way seems to be to use a keyboard macro.

To do this, I execute c-x ( f8 f8 n t e s t c-x c-s m-right c-x )

To run the keyboard macro I execute c-x e

Emacs does not run the keyboard macro, saying that it was terminated
by ringing the bell.  Nothing rang the bell that I know of.

How do I debug a keyboard macro?  Is there a way to get a stack trace when it

I use Carbon Emacs 22.

My bindings:

f8 f8 n calls org-remember with n template
  when done manually this correctly inserts title and url in a new buffer
c-x c-s calls org-remember-finalize
  when done manually this correctly saves the data and restores window
m-right calls w3m-next-buffer
  when done manually this correctly moves to the next tab in w3m


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