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Re: ImageMagick's `convert' program is not available

On 2009-09-01 13:43 +0100, Leo wrote:
> Hi,
> In a Emacs session started with -q, eval the following lines
>   (put 'w3m-imagick-convert-program 'available-p 'no)
>   (autoload 'w3m-url-at-point "w3m")
>   (w3m-url-at-point)
> produces the msg:
>  ImageMagick's `convert' program is not available
> I grep the w3m source and the only place that produces that message is
> in w3m-image line 125 but that function does not seem to be called by
> w3m-url-at-point. So I am confused. Any ideas?
> Thank you.
> Leo

w3m-imagick-convert-program-available-p must be called somewhere when
loading w3m.el for the first time and
  (put 'w3m-imagick-convert-program 'available-p 'unknown)
in w3m-image overrides this setting.

it seems (put 'w3m-imagick-convert-program 'available-p 'unknown) is
redundant. without it, w3m-imagick-convert-program-available-p still
works and it will also give user at least a way to tell w3m before
loading that convert is not available.

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