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HTML 5 search boxes gone

The underlying w3m engine behind emacs-w3m is slipping further and
further into the past.

Firefox and Lynx work fine here,

$ lynx -dump http://en.wikipedia.org/|grep -A 2 ^Search

   ____________________ Go  Search
$ lynx -dump http://abj.jidanni.org/|grep -A 2 ^Search

   ____________________ Go  Search

But not w3m (and thus not emacs-w3m also):

$ w3m -dump http://en.wikipedia.org/|grep -A 2 ^Search

[                    ] [Go]  [Search]
$ w3m -dump http://abj.jidanni.org/|grep -A 2 ^Search

[Go]  [Search] <=== Notice the text box is missing!

How will one do searches on Wikipedia soon when they upgrade their site
to HTML 5?

You might say "we'll just add yet another workaround filter!".

But sooner or later one will have to face the facts and update the
underlying w3m program, so it can deal with
<input id="searchInput" title="Search ABJ" accesskey="f" type="search" name="search" />