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emacs-w3m and vm

hi all,
When reading my email with gnu emacs 23.1, vm and emacs-w3m from cvs, I encounter the following problem.  when reading an html mail, I would like to have an external browser be invoked when I press enter or middle-mouse on one of the links that appears in the email.  so I defined 
(set (make-local-variable 'w3m-goto-article-function) vm-url-browser))
however, when I do this, after clicking a link I get a message that 
this link is considered to be unsafe, use the prefix arg to view anyway.
after using a prefix arg, I get:
are you really sure you want to follow this link ... (yes or no)
I would like to eliminate these warning messages and currently the only way I found is to set(setq vm-w3m-safe-url-regexp nil)
but presumably this is not a good idea for safety reasons.  can anyone suggest a different approach for solving this problem?  
thanks, E
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