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Re: Bug#582677: w3m-el-snapshot: w3m-cookie-reject-domains doesn't work

>>>>> Fedor Khod'kov wrote:
>> I set up w3m-cookie-reject-domains, adding "google.com" and
>> ".google.com" but google.com still installs its cookies.  After checking
>> w3m-cookie.el I found that problem might be in w3m-cookie-trusted-host-p
>> function; lines 291-294
>>> ((eq (string-to-char (car reject)) ?.)
>>>  (setq regexp (concat (regexp-quote (car reject)) "$")))
>>> (t (setq regexp (concat "^" (regexp-quote (car reject)) "$"))))
>>>  (when (string-match (concat regexp "$") host)
>> Here host (for example, ".google.com" is compared with
>>> (concat (concat (regexp-quote ".google.com") "$") "$")
>> which gives "\\.google\\.com$$"; string-match returns nil because of
>> double $ in the end of regexp.
>> If last concat is removed, all seems to be right:

The patch looks reasonable.  Thank you for pointing it out.
Fixed in the emacs-w3m CVS trunk.