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following .txt link point at eob

In the current w3m-el cvs with recent debian emacs 23.2, when following
a link to a .txt file like in foo.html below using Ret
(w3m-view-this-url), point is left at the end of the buffer, and if the
file is more than a screen full it seems to have the window-start
positioned on the last line.

I hoped point and window start would be at the start of the buffer
following such a .txt link.  The last line only bit is particularly
disconcerting as it may trick you into thinking the file is one line

I suppose .txt links are not very common.  I struck it in some of the
asciidoc examples on debian


where the Page Source link at the left is to its originating
"asciimathml.txt" source code (in the same directory).
<a href="/usr/share/emacs/23.2/etc/rgb.txt">follow me</a>