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Re: nnshimbun-request-scan fetches unsubscribed server groups

In [emacs-w3m : No.11382] Matt Lundin wrote:
> Matt Lundin <mdl@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:

>>> Hmm, for me -group works but -scan doesn't.  Anyway I need to
>>> learn more how the most recent Gnus works...

>> You are right. With nnshimbun-request-scan, the groups are updated but
>> not displayed at startup (i.e., no data about the groups is provided to
>> Gnus).

Oh, I see at last!  You meant groups newly subscribed to, not
Gnus' startup.  I verified that groups appear with zero unread
articles at startup.

> On further review, I find that this does not work either, as it returns
> data to Gnus on only one group per server. E.g., only one group in
> rss-blogs is displayed, even though I have subscribed to multiple
> groups. (This is also the case if nnshimbun-retrieve-groups only calls
> nnshimbun-request-group.)

> Per the gnus documentation, an nnchoke-retrieve-groups function needs to
> provide data on all the groups in the server.[1] With the following
> patch, all subscribed nnshimbun groups are both updated and displayed at
> startup:

I've applied your patch.  Thank you very much!