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Re: Survey: how do you view links in a external browser?

>>>>> "LMI" == Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <larsi@xxxxxxxx> writes:
LMI> jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>> So what keys/actions do you use when you want to
>> 1. Browse internally?
>> 2. Browse externally?

LMI> I think this might be a slightly ill-defined way of looking at this.  If
LMI> you're in an Emacs buffer, and you have an URL, then the question is:
LMI> What browser do you want to browse the URL with?  "Internal" and
LMI> "external" aren't quite clear -- you may want to use emacs-w3m, or you
LMI> may want to use w3, shr, firefox, chrome, etc.

LMI> Some of these are obviously more "internal" than others.

LMI> So if browse-url were to provide the segmentation between internal and
LMI> external browsers (I don't think it does?), then the user could
LMI> customize this, and other packages (like shr) could provide keystrokes
LMI> and menus for this.

LMI> But this isn't a Gnus issue per se, so I think you should frame this as
LMI> a feature request to the Emacs people instead.

Maybe it is a emacs-w3m issue, as I think the rendering in gnus is done
by it for me... no harm in me just CCing them...