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Re: bridging between emacs's bookmark.el and emacs-w3m

Masatake YAMATO <yamato@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>>> I don't understand all this, so if what follow is not related ignore.
>>> You will find emacs-w3m handlers for bookmark.el in bookmark-extensions.el.
>>> http://mercurial.intuxication.org/hg/emacs-bookmark-extension/
> Yes, what I wrote there was about emacs-w3m extension for bookmar.el.
>> I had a look at bookmark-w3m.el, it is incomplete, here is code related
>> to that from bookmark-extensions.el, if it can help:
> How incomplete is my code? buggy?
No your code is cool, specially the use of w3m-async-exec, that can
avoid using (while...) to wait w3m buffer is ready.
As i didn't know about this variable i was using this hack (maybe
w3m-async-exec didn't exists when i wrote this code).

> Your code looks richer than mine.
Not really, what you can reuse maybe is
opening bookmark in new tab if w3m is already running.

> If you want to put your code into emacs-w3m official source tree,
> I recommend you to appeal how your code is better than mine in 
> natural language.
No just send that if some part of code can help to improve.

> emacs-w3m developers are so exports that they may read elisp code as
> written in natural language but they may want to hear how your code is
> great directly from you, the author.
Well, as said above, you can reuse opening bookmark in new tab.

A+ Thierry
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