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Re: href "title" attribute

Hideyuki SHIRAI (׾) <shirai@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I've just commited the patch with little modification.

I like the way the tooltip has the url on its own line.  I wonder if the
message area `w3m-print-this-url' might do the same.

If "Title (URL)" is long enough that it will need two lines anyway, then
maybe it could be shown as "Title\nURL" like the tooltip.

If message-truncate-lines is true then I suppose it should not, because
the second line won't show up.  Maybe something like below.

Personally I quite like "Title\nURL" always (or whenever
message-truncate-lines is false), so myself I might forget the
length/frame-width check.  If there's parens in the title then it's a
bit easy not to see the "(URL)" also in parens.  Maybe a link face of
some kind on the url there would help.

2011-01-11  Kevin Ryde  <user42@xxxxxxxxxx>

	* w3m.el (w3m-print-this-url): If anchor-title plus url is wider than
	the frame then use two lines "Title\nURL".

--- w3m.el.~1.1512.~	2011-01-11 09:34:15.000000000 +1100
(B+++ w3m.el	2011-01-11 10:31:14.000000000 +1100
(B@@ -7153,7 +7153,20 @@
(B 			 ((> (length alt) 0)
(B 			  (concat alt ": " url))
(B 			 ((> (length title) 0)
(B-			  (concat title " (" url ")"))
(B+                          ;; xemacs21 doesn't have message-truncate-lines
(B+                          ;; and always truncates messages, so one line in
(B+                          ;; that case
(B+                          ;;
(B+                          ;; emacs20 doesn't have message-truncate-lines and
(B+                          ;; shows newlines as ^J, so prefer one line in
(B+                          ;; that case
(B+                          ;;
(B+                          (if (or (not (boundp 'message-truncate-lines))
(B+                                  message-truncate-lines
(B+                                  (< (+ (length url) (length title) 5)
(B+                                     (frame-width)))
(B+                              (concat title " (" url ")") ;; one line if fits
(B+                            (concat title "\n" url)))     ;; two lines if big
(B 			 (t
(B 			  url))))))