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exact variable to see unsafe images always

We see "This image is considered to be unsafe; use the prefix arg to
force display"

So we look up
  t runs the command w3m-toggle-inline-image, which is an interactive
  compiled Lisp function in `w3m.el'.

  It is bound to t.

  (w3m-toggle-inline-image &optional FORCE NO-CACHE)

  Toggle the visibility of an image under point or images in the region.
  If FORCE is non-nil, displaying an image is forced.  If NO-CACHE is
  non-nil, cached data will not be used.

But we still don't know how to stop it asking each time.

So we trace further and find
  w3m-safe-url-regexp is a variable defined in `w3m.el'.

Upon which things just get too complicated.

Yes Info mentions something but ...

Cc me because Gmane is broke.