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Re: create empty new tab

>>>>> "KY" == Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:
KY> It's easy to implement a special command that only create an empty
KY> tab, if there's a good key stroke.  I have no idea.  Do you have?

Well there's plenty of room in these maps,

C-c C-@		w3m-history-store-position
C-c C-a		w3m-switch-buffer
C-c C-b		report-emacs-w3m-bug
C-c C-k		w3m-process-stop
C-c C-l		w3m-go-to-linknum
C-c RET		w3m-move-unseen-buffer
C-c C-n		w3m-next-buffer
C-c C-p		w3m-previous-buffer
C-c C-s		w3m-select-buffer
C-c C-t		w3m-copy-buffer
C-c C-v		w3m-history-restore-position
C-c C-w		w3m-delete-buffer
C-c ESC		Prefix Command
C-c C-SPC	w3m-history-store-position
C-c C-,		w3m-tab-move-left
C-c C-.		w3m-tab-move-right
C-c C-<		w3m-tab-move-left
C-c C->		w3m-tab-move-right

C-t R		w3m-reload-all-pages
C-t a		w3m-bookmark-add-all-urls

Just don't use C-c C-c ... too easy to hit by accident.