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Re: invalid function: w3m-interactive-p

In [emacs-w3m : No.11661] Samuel Wales wrote:
> I get this error upon following a link and upon searching in 22.
> Perhaps it should be a defun?

Emacs-w3m isn't going on a way like Gnus, that guarantees
(somehow or other) the elc files work on Emacs of which
the version is different from the one used to compile them,
because of the efficiency.  So, in principle, all you need to
install emacs-w3m using `make install' for every Emacs you use.
I have /usr/local/share/emacs/(21.1-24.0.90)/site-lisp/w3m/
and the ones for XEmacsen (17 emacs-w3m's in total!).

But your case seems to be out of the question, since any elc
module of emacs-w3m should never say about `w3m-interactive-p'.
It's a macro, only the definition will be embedded into some
functions, the macro name will never remain in those functions.
I.e., `grep w3m-interactive-p w3m.elc' should return nothing.
`invalid function: macro-name' is the typical case where you
have compiled an el file without loading a module that provides
the macro.  `make' does everything necessary.