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Re: punycode vs. No such anchor

Naohiro Aota <naota@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>> 白井> I've just fixed to display "No such anchor: 01月16日" in CVS
>> OK. I think you forgot that the message should include the error causing "#".

> I don't see why we should include "#" ... or am I getting you wrong? :S
> Could you tell us more detailed your opinion about it?

Jidanni, I'm sorry for having discussed in Japanese.  What we did
was that only we realized the punycode encoding for name anchors
is unnecessary and Shirai-san removed it in CVS.  It wasn't a help
for illegally composed name anchors.  Now you'll simply get:

No such anchor: 01月16日

BTW, Shirai-san told he found out that MS-IE does work for such
bad name anchors.  Though, we don't have to follow it, don't we?