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Re: Keymap in ~/.w3m ignored?

In [emacs-w3m : No.11757] Thorsten wrote:
> Hello list,
> I copied the w3m example keymap from the docs into  ~/.w3m and commented
> out all key definitions. Then I changed and uncommented a few keys -
> however, nothing changed.

First of all, what you want is to change the keymap of w3m, not
emacs-w3m, isn't it?  (You posted it to the emacs-w3m list though.)

> My .w3m/config has a line:

> ,-------------------
>| keymap_file keymap
> `-------------------

> that (probably?) refers correctly to the .w3m/keymap in the same folder.

There seems to be nothing required in the ~/.w3m/config file if
you wish to use the ~/.w3m/keymap file, that is the default.

> here an arbitrary excerpt from my keymap file. In the tradition of
> xmodmap I assumed that only those keys have to be uncommented that
> changed - is that right?

> ,----------------------------------
>| # keymap        b       PREV_PAGE
>| # keymap        c       PEEK
>| # keymap        g       BEGIN
>| keymap  b       MOVE_LEFT
>| # keymap        i       PEEK_IMG
>| keymap  n       MOVE_DOWN
>| keymap  p       MOVE_UP
>| keymap  f       MOVE_RIGHT
>| keymap  e       MOUSE_TOGGLE
>| keymap  s       SEARCH_NEXT
>| # keymap        o       OPTIONS
>| # keymap        q       QUIT
>| # keymap        r       VERSION
>| keymap  m       SELECT_MENU
>| # keymap        u       PEEK_LINK
>| # keymap        v       VIEW
> `----------------------------------

Works for me.

> What might be the problem?