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Re: [patch] lnum modeline

Andrey Kotlarski wrote:
> here's a little fix to the mode line not always redrawing to show
> available keys (along some other minor fixes):

Thank you for the patch.  I've applied it in CVS with a slight
modification attached below.  I realized a moment ago that
`async-shell-command' is not an XEmacs function, so I replaced it
with `shell-command' with appending "&" to the command line (as
Emacs's `async-shell-command' does in simple.el).
--- w3m-lnum.el~	2012-04-17 23:16:38.622859600 +0000
+++ w3m-lnum.el	2012-04-17 23:21:40.376789900 +0000
@@ -1104,9 +1104,9 @@
 			    (cd (read-directory-name
 				 "Save to: " (getenv "HOME")
 				 nil t))
-			    (async-shell-command
-			     (concat "curl -k -O '" (car info) "'")
-						 "*Curl*")
+			    (shell-command
+			     (concat "curl -k -O '" (car info) "' &")
+			     "*Curl*")
 			    (cd olddir)))
 			"Download with Curl")))))