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httP vs http

# su - nobody
No directory, logging in with HOME=/
$ HOME=/tmp emacs -nw -f w3m

Now browse httP://jidanni.org/

Put the cursor on top of the link "ENGLISH ONLY", and hit "=".

You will see:

Page Information

Title:          ????????Dan Jidanni Jacobson??
URL:            httP://jidanni.org/
Document Type:  text/html
Last Modified:  Mon May 14 13:06:55 2012
Current Anchor: httP://jidanni.orgindex_en.html
                                 ^^^Notice how the "/" is gone!?

$ apt-cache policy w3m-el-snapshot
  Installed: 1.4.478+0.20120501-1

w3m is fine. w3m-el-snapshot has the bug.