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Re: Including emacs-w3m in GNU ELPA


In [emacs-w3m : No.11872] Stefan Monnier wrote:

> I'd be interested in getting emacs-w3m included in GNU ELPA.  Does
> that sound good to you?

It sounds good for me, too.

Unfortunately, it will be quite difficult already as Yamaoka-san

I think that one possible solution is to divide emacs-w3m package into
two components: pure emacs-w3m component and shimbun component.

The following command says that the number of major contributors who
cotribute ten or more times into pure emacs-w3m component is 12.

$ grep ^2 ChangeLog* | awk '{print $4}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -r -n
    767 <yamaoka@xxxxxxx>
    379 <tsuchiya@xxxxxxxxxx>
    318 <shirai@xxxxxxxxxxx>
    111 <teranisi@xxxxxxxxxx>
     82 <ari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
     56 <nao.aota@xxxxxxxxx>
     34 <gotoh@xxxxxxxxxxx>
     22 <naota@xxxxxxxxx>
     14 <ataka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
     13 <m00naticus@xxxxxxxxx>
     12 <kaoru@xxxxxxxxxx>
     12 <jet@xxxxxxxx>
     11 <tsuyoshi_cho@xxxxxxxxx>

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi