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Re: Running w3m-emacs in Emacs 24.3

In [emacs-w3m : No.11975] Bernard Hurley wrote:
> In Emacs 24.3, it is necessary to set lexical-binding to t in the first
> line of w3m-utils.el to get the full functionality of w3m-emacs.  If you
> don't, some things (e.g. saving bookmarks) no longer work.  As far as I
> can see this fixed all the problems.

Could you let us know what variables (or functions) need to be
lexically bound?  It would be helpful as well describing some
examples how they don't work.  Note that we have to maintain
emacs-w3m so as to work with Emacsen of which some old versions
don't support `lexical-binding'.