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Re: error on <select> with empty name

In [emacs-w3m : No.11990] Kevin Ryde wrote:
> With recent debian i386 emacs 24.2.1 and cvs w3m, the file foo.html
> below viewed with M-x w3m-find-file gets an error

>     Wrong type argument: stringp, ("1" ("1" . "AAA") ("2" . "BBB"))

> backtrace.txt below from the debugger.

Thank you for the report.

> Dunno if foo.html is legal html or not, but even if not I hoped it
> wouldn't error out but display some sort of approximation.

> I wonder if it's related to the <select name=""> being empty "".
> Putting something non-empty in there works.

You made names for <select> and <input> differ, didn't you?

I believe name="" is ok.  The problem is that emacs-w3m doesn't
distinguish a form, of which the name is "", from another form,
of which the name is the same but the type is different.  So,
this bug will arise regardless of the string length of the names
if all are the same.

I tried fixing this bug in the CVS trunk.  Could you try it?
Not tested with more complexed forms, though.  Moreover, since
I'm not a form expert, I hope the other emacs-w3m developers
review the changes.