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strange behavior of w3m-session-rename


Please kindly CC me, so that I get the reply.

Suppose I open a session-select buffer by w3m-session-select, and find
"Crash recovery sessions[n]" contains couple of pages for learning w3m.
I want rename it to "w3m tutorials". So, I press 'r' and input the name
and expect the session in question be renamed, but emacs-w3m refuse to
do this for me. It keeps asking me "Again New session title: "

Ah. I took a look at the function w3m-session-delete. It seems the
following patch will help it to do what I want.

    --- w3m-session.el.~1.34.~	2012-02-13 08:46:40.000000000 +0800
    +++ w3m-session.el	2013-04-12 10:49:22.193344150 +0800
    @@ -731,7 +731,9 @@
     	     ((assoc title sessions)
     	      (when (y-or-n-p (format "\"%s\" is exist. Overwrite? " title))
     		(setq overwrite t)
    -		(throw 'loop t))))
    +		(throw 'loop t)))
    +         (t
    +          (throw 'loop t)))
     	    (setq prompt "Again New session title: ")))
     	(when overwrite
     	  (setq sessions (delete (assoc title sessions) sessions)))

I wonder whether this is what the what the author mean to do. Or, I just
have a another way of rename the sessions in "*w3m-session select*"

REN Lifeng