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Re: Bug#419647: w3m-el should not silently reject cookies by default

Hi emacs-w3m developers,

Could you please reconsider setting w3m-use-cookies to t by default
for the next release?

On April 17, 2007, [emacs-w3m:09385], jasonspiro4 (at gmail.com) wrote:
> 2007/4/17, Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > Why don't you enable the option by default?
>> It might be because no one has never requested it. ;-)
>> Otherwise, no developer might have wanted to enable it since it
>> is still experimental.  Anyway, we will need much time and
>> effort to complete the feature.
> I think that in most cases, some cookie support is far better than
> none.  Could you kindly enable it by default for the next release?
> That way less people will undergo the same frustration I did before
> I learned to set w3m-use-cookies to t.

Tatsuya Kinoshita