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About <code> and <pre> tag support.

Hi all,
  As far as I know, emacs-w3m will not fontify the text surround by <code> tag and <pre> tag. while a regular browser will usually use monospace font render these text. Currently, I am translating some text which in html format, the readability is really wonderful with emacs-w3m, only problem is inline code or code block is not distinguishable any more, but the style is important for translation(and might also help a lot for reading books). So, I hope emacs-w3m can use a custom font face to render these text within <pre> or <code> tag, and I think this feature will be great helpful for read any book with some code in it using emacs-w3m.

 And I know that(just know), 'w3m -dumphalf' will not dump any tag for <code> (I think w3m totally ignore this tag), and only add line break before and after pre block(still no tag), so there not way for emacs-w3m to accomplish this without modify w3m.

 So, how difficult to add <code> and <pre> tag support for halfdump in w3m(just read some code of w3m, and try gdb, and find it hard for me to understand how it work in a short time), and then support there feature in emacs-w3m ?

Best regards,