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image zoom in and out again

When doing an image zoom with M-[ and M=] I noticed that the original
image size is not restored by going "out" then back "in".  I wonder if
they could be made symmetric with something like below.

The effect is sort of fixed steps (in geometric progression) up and

There could be some merit also in a "return to original size".  Unless
it's hiding somewhere I didn't see :).  What about the button-3 popup
menu an "Original size", clickable if not already original size.

2014-06-11  Kevin Ryde  <user42_kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* w3m.el (w3m-zoom-out-image, w3m-resize-image-interactive): Treat
	zoom-out percentage as inverse of zoom-in, so "in" then "out" returns
	to the original size.
	(w3m-resize-inline-image-internal): Set w3m-image-scale property to
	flonum to avoid integer round-off when resizing in and out.  Use
	`round' rather than `truncate' when calling "convert" so flonum
	round-off 99.999 is original 100%.
--- w3m.el.~1.1617.~	2014-05-29 10:17:01.000000000 +1000
+++ w3m.el	2014-06-11 10:36:36.999313430 +1000
@@ -4106,8 +4106,9 @@
 	 (allow-non-secure-images (not w3m-confirm-leaving-secure-page))
 	 scale image)
     (w3m-add-text-properties start end '(w3m-image-status on))
-    (setq scale (truncate (* iscale rate 0.01)))
+    (setq scale (* iscale rate 0.01))
     (w3m-add-text-properties start end (list 'w3m-image-scale scale))
+    (setq scale (round scale))
     (if (get-text-property start 'w3m-image-redundant)
 	  ;; Insert a dummy string instead of a redundant image.
@@ -4184,10 +4185,10 @@
 	       (setq changed-rate (* changed-rate
 				     (/ percent 100.0)))))
 	    ((eq char ?-)
-	     (let ((percent (- 100 (if rate
-				       (if (> rate 99) 99
-					 rate)
-				     w3m-resize-image-scale))))
+	     (let ((percent (/ 10000.0 (+ 100 (if rate
+                                                  (if (> rate 99) 99
+                                                    rate)
+                                                w3m-resize-image-scale)))))
 	       (w3m-resize-inline-image-internal image percent)
 	       (setq changed-rate (* changed-rate
 				     (/ percent 100.0)))))
@@ -4227,9 +4228,15 @@
 (defun w3m-zoom-out-image (&optional rate)
   "Zoom out an image on the point.
-Numeric prefix specifies how many percent the image is shrunk by
-\(30 means shrinking the image by 70%).  The default is the value of
-the `w3m-resize-image-scale' variable."
+Numeric prefix specifies how many percent the image is shrunk by.
+The default is the value of the `w3m-resize-image-scale'
+The shrink percentage is interpreted as if the current image size
+is 100+percent and it is to be reduced back to 100.  This is the
+inverse of `w3m-zoom-in-image' so zooming in then back out gives
+the original again."
   (interactive "P")
   (unless (w3m-display-graphic-p)
     (error "Can't display images in this environment"))
@@ -4239,7 +4246,7 @@
     (if url
-	 (- 100 (or rate w3m-resize-image-scale)))
+	 (/ 10000.0 (+ 100 (or rate w3m-resize-image-scale))))
       (w3m-message "No image at point"))))
 (defun w3m-decode-entities (&optional keep-properties)