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Re: emacs w3m freeze

11.07.2014 01:47, Michael Heerdegen пишет:
> Max <maxim.suraev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Sometimes w3m makes emacs eat up 100% cpu and become totally
>> unresponsive. Is there a way to set some aggressive timeouts somewhere
>> or some other workaround to make sure that whatever happens in
>> emacs-w3m the rest of the emacs is unaffected?
> Probably not automatically.  ESC ESC ESC also doesn't help ? (it always
> did for me)

Thanks for the hint, I'll try it next time.
> Under Gnu/Linux, sending SIGUSR2 to the Emacs process should force Emacs
> into the debugger.  This sets debug-on-quit to t, you should reset it to
> nil afterwards.  This works most of the time even if Emacs is completely
> unresponsive.
> Do you have a reproducible recipe, btw?
Unfortunately - no. And extracting it from history combined with session would be a
pain anyway.