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half disfunctional (?), annoying popup instead of sweet old-school Emacs prompt

Hello w3m friends in Japan and all over the world,

I recently installed the bleeding-edge Debian Linux
kernel (3.17.1) and got some new Emacs-software in the
bargain. I have Emacs 24.4 and w3m-el-snapshot
1.4.538+0.20141022-1 (that one according to aptitude;
`w3m-version' is w3m/0.5.3+debian-19).

Now, instead of the old "you are leaving a secure
page" (pseudo-quote) in the metabuffer, I get a red
popup in the middle of the screen.

First, it doesn't seem to work 100% because it just
flashes by: if I didn't see it once a day (when I log
in) I wouldn't have been able to deduct its purpose.

Second, I think part of what makes Emacs so appealing
is that it doesn't come with popups and all that, that
the buffer is a quiet and still-though-reactive place.
Though what you did is hardly Windoze Me, I can't see
any reason to do it, not the least because of Emacs
users having had their eyes trained to do all
interactive I/O in the metabuffer and nowhere else.

How can I configure it so to make it behave the old

PS. I have done lots of w3m hacking. Feel free to use
whatever you find interesting. Or likewise enlighten
me if something is already configurable off-the-shelf
rendering some of that stuff obsolete :) (Especially
the search stuff I'm very happy with.)


underground experts united