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link anchor with % escape

In file foo.html browsed with recent cvs w3m and debian i386 emacs 24.4,
pressing Ret on "link to section Foo" gives a message

    No such anchor: Fo%6F

where I hoped it might go to the Foo anchor, since %6F is "o".  Oldish
iceape or recent iceweasel do that, but w3m and lynx don't.  Is a link
allowed to have such escapes in the anchor part?

    <a href="#Fo%6F">...

I struck this in the WhizzyTeX manual (which on debian is in
/usr/share/doc/whizzytex/whizzytex.html).  It has a link "(see Section
5.11)" which uses %2F in the <a href> but "/" in the <a id>.  Emacs-w3m
won't follow that link.  (It was made by hevea 2.16 if its generator is