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meta refresh delay 0 looping

In the current cvs, viewing file /tmp/foo.html below goes into an
apparently endless delay=0 refresh loop, due to the <meta>.

    (w3m-browse-url "file:///tmp/foo.html")
    Variable binding depth exceeds max-specpdl-size

Do this with w3m-browse-url, not w3m-find-file, as the latter is ok.

I struck this in recent google search results which seems to have such a
refresh.  You can see the effect, most noticeable with lag :-),

    (w3m-browse-url "gg:search query here")
    mucho dubious refreshing

I don't know if this is a bug, a feature, or some abuse on their part.
Dillo seems to suffer too, even though its changelog has something on
guarding against refresh loops (some time ago).

I turned off w3m-use-refresh but wondered if unlimited refresh is a good
default.  Does it normally do good things?

Maybe people like more of der automated blinken lights than me.  The
only sensible refresh I think I've ever seen is some weather bureau
pages, and even then I suspect I prefer update when I actually want.
But maybe that's personal preference which w3m-use-refresh is precisely
designed for. :-)
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