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Re: configure x xemacs

In [emacs-w3m : No.12500]
	On Mon, 28 Sep 2015 00:24:36 -0500, Andrés Ramírez wrote:
> [aramirez@wari emacs-w3m-master]$XEMACSDEBUG='(setq log-warning-minimum-level (quote error))' xemacs -vanilla -batch -l w3mhack.el '.' -f w3mhack-print-status

> Error: You have to install APEL before building emacs-w3m, see manuals.

This says that path-util.el(c) or pccl.el(c) aren't found in the
load-path directories (see w3mhack.el).

> then I did:

> XEMACSDEBUG='(setq log-warning-minimum-level (quote error))' xemacs
> -vanilla -batch -eval '(push (expand-file-name
> "~/.xemacs/xemacs-packages/lisp/apel") load-path)' -l w3mhack.el '.' -f
> w3mhack-print-status

> and I got:

> Error: APEL package seems to have been compiled for non-MULE XEmacs,

This says that both path-util.el(c) and pccl.el(c) are found but
pccl-20.el(c) is not.

> Talking about apel:
> I have downloaded the latest version, configured and compiled for xemacs,
> and I cp it to the "~/.xemacs/xemacs-packages/lisp" directory. The
> configure script has noticed my apel was not installed with the xemacs
> pkg manager.

Hmm, I have no problem with the latest XEmacs APEL package:
/bin/ls /usr/local/lib/xemacs/xemacs-packages/lisp/apel| /bin/wc -l
 => 83

> I could install apel-1.36-pkg.tar.gz from mule. But there is no mule
> package for flim. How should I proceed?

The latest version of FLIM that is still being maintained is in
GitHub.  You can get and compile it as follows:

$ git clone https://git@xxxxxxxxxx/wanderlust/flim.git
$ cd flim; make EMACS=xemacs

You can get the latest APEL from GitHub as well:

$ git clone https://git@xxxxxxxxxx/wanderlust/apel.git
$ cd apel; make EMACS=xemacs