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Re: saving a buffer without images

On 2016-09-07 09:26, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> In [emacs-w3m : No.12595]
> 	On Tue, 06 Sep 2016 17:44:30 -0400, Boruch Baum wrote:
> Long diff is ok, but please use the ways like the following to
> generate a diff and send it as a MIME part from the next time.

Will do. Sorry.

> I believe caddr is not a typo:
>   (setq bname (cadr (assoc img imgs))
>         ext (caddr (assoc img imgs)))
> Where `imgs' includes:
>   (("url" "file-basename" "file-extention")...)
> cadar is not a typo either:
>   (cadar w3m-history)
> See the variable documentation of `w3m-history'.

I don't see anything there regarding caddr or cadar, although I do see
that w3m-hist.el also calls such undefined functions. Running C-h f
and C-h v on both `cadar' and `caddr' also yield nothing.

My cvs version was up-to-date as of a few hours ago.

> > * change of parameter name `no-image' to `no-images'
> > * there seems to be a bug in the function call to
> >   `w3m-history-set-current', so that function call was removed in
> >   order to illustrate an error-free test.
> Why bug?  After saving a w3m buffer, `w3m-view-next-page' in the
> buffer shows the saved one as designed.

It was generating an error message (in my *Messages* buffer)

  w3m-history-previous-position: Wrong type argument: numberp, nil

> The docstring should mention what it is in one line:
> ,---- (info "(elisp)Documentation Tips")
> | • Format the documentation string so that it fits in an Emacs window
> |   on an 80-column screen.  It is a good idea for most lines to be no
> |   wider than 60 characters.  The first line should not be wider than
> |   67 characters or it will look bad in the output of ‘apropos’.
> `----
> Not a few emacs-w3m objects violate it though.

I don't understand. The documentation that you're quoting is talking
about line width, not number of lines.

> The idea of `w3m-save-buffer-html-only' is acceptable, but
> the variable name and its docstring don't mention that it is
> a complement operator:

Good point, but maybe regarding the function's prefix argument, not
the `w3m-save-buffer-html-only' variable, because with this patch, it
would be the prefix argument that performs the complement. The
following just replaces the word `over-ridden' with `toggled', which
is a less technical term. but more commonly undestood.

  (defun w3m-save-buffer (name &optional no-images)
    "Save the current buffer as `w3m-save-buffer-directory'/NAME.html,
  and optionally save the buffer's associated image files in
  folder `w3m-save-buffer-directory'/NAME-files/. Use of
  `w3m-save-buffer-directory' may be over-ridden by including a
  folder path in NAME. Variable `w3m-save-buffer-html-only'
  determines whether images will be save by default, but that
  setting may be toggled using the prefix argument (the
  optional NO-IMAGES). The saved page will be added to the
  history list, and be viewable using `w3m-next-page'."

> And `no-images' is not necessary to be `let'-bound because it is
> already bound as a function argument.

Also a correct point. I put it in the `let' because it didn't seem to
hurt, and it saved a separate assignment function call.

> BTW, there seems to be another way to achieve your personal
> purpose in a simple way, e.g.:

You alternative wasn't viewable in my email, but if it does the job
and you prefer it, it's fine with me.

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