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`w3m -halfdump' for <ul><li>... returns NBSP instead of SPC

Hi Kinoshita-san,

Recently some unprintable characters got appearing in a web page
rendered by emacs-w3m.  I am using w3m/0.5.3+git20161220 .
An example html snippet is below, and here's a simplified recipe:

echo '<ul><li>foo</ul>'| w3m ARGLIST
 => ??<_SYMBOL TYPE=32>*</_SYMBOL>?foo

Where `?' is NBSP (0xa0), that was SPC (0x20) till the middle of
December.  ARGLIST is a list of arguments (emacs-w3m generates)
that includes:
 -halfdump -o ext_halfdump=1 -o strict_iso2022=0
 -o fix_width_conv=1 -o use_jisx0201=0 -o ucs_conv=1
 -I UTF-8 -O UTF-8 -T text/html -t 8 -cols 79
 -o display_ins_del=2 -o display_image=on -ppl 64 -ppc 8

Is that a reasonable behavior?  If so, we will have to change
emacs-w3m so as to render NBSP correctly.

Thanks in advance.

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