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patch for w3m-search.el

Hey folks, I'm not sure where I ought to send this, but I noticed that:

1. duckduckgo is not listed in w3m-search-engine-alist, and is a very
   popular search engine among emacs users
2. freshmeat, the last entry in the defcustom, was renamed and then
   discontinued some 3+ years ago.

Here's a patch?

diff --git a/w3m-search.el b/w3m-search.el
index f22cf4ba..bd3a84e1 100644
--- a/w3m-search.el
+++ b/w3m-search.el
@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ __mk_ja_JP=%%83J%%83%%5E%%83J%%83i&url=search-alias%%3Daps&field-keywords=%s"
       ("ja.wikipedia" "http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search?search=%s"
       ("msdn" "http://search.msdn.microsoft.com/search/default.aspx?query=%s")
-      ("freshmeat" "http://freshmeat.net/search/?q=%s&section=projects")))
+      ("duckduckgo" "https://duckduckgo.com/?q=%s" utf-8)))
   "*An alist of search engines.
 Each element looks like (ENGINE ACTION CODING POST-DATA)
 ENGINE is a string, the name of the search engine.