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Re: [PATCH] w3m-select-buffer-delete-buffer

In [emacs-w3m : No.12684]
On Mon, 12 Jun 2017 17:20:56 -0400, Boruch Baum wrote:
> When a user has many tabs (buffers) open and wants to delete a few
> using the tab list window, each time he deletes a single tab, the
> cursor jumps to the buffer's point-min.

> The attached patch to function `w3m-select-buffer-delete-buffer' in
> `w3m.el' maintains the cursor's row and column position.

The new behavior looks nice.  I slightly modified your patch so
as to correct the cursor position after deleting the last item
of the selection, and installed.

> Also, the documentation for that function was unclear to me when it
> said "(which see)". What does that mean? Can it be re-worded?

I tried clarifying it.  Is that ok?