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Re: "google feeling lucky" to "feeling searchy"

In [emacs-w3m:12774]
On Thu, 27 Jul 2017 18:11:15 +0300, defanor wrote:
> Currently the "google feeling lucky" functionality appears to lead to
> search results instead of redirecting to the first result's URL, and the
> limitation to Google seems to be unnecessary. A common practice among
> web browsers is to use the default search engine in such a case, and I
> think it would be nicer to do that in emacs-w3m as well.

When having introduced the feature, I think we authors in Japan
had not been able to grasp what Google's `feeling lucky' means
correctly.  I'm sure at least I hadn't, though I know it now.
So, I'm glad to get a chance to fix that mis-naming.  Even though
the main author might have aimed to implement the feature in the
correct meaning, it's ok.  The feature is still surviving. :)

> Here is a patch that replaces the "feeling lucky" functionality with
> "feeling searchy", though it wouldn't work for search engines that
> require POST data -- so I'm not sure whether it should be merged this
> way (or at all; maybe just the "feeling lucky" functionality should be
> fixed).

I've applied your patch.  Thanks!