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w3m-popup-buffer problem

The scenario is 'emacs25 -nw' with two windows visible (C-x 3
split-window-right), neither of which are currently displaying an
emacs-w3m buffer, although many emacs-w3m buffers exist in the

When I tried to display a w3m buffer, I entered M-x w3m <return>.
Nothing happened, so I pressed <return> a second time, even though there
was no prompt. The result was that the two windows were replaced with a
single w3m window.

My expectation was: 1] not to have to press <return> twice; 2] If I did
need to press return twice, that there be a prompt indicating why; 3]
that the window configuration not be altered.

Getting technical, when looking at function `w3m-popup-buffer' in file
w3m-util.el, I found that local variable `pop-up-frames' was being set
(line 583), the `then' clause beginning at line 606 was being entered,
and the condition `frame' (line 615) was being evaluated. Values of some
of the other possibly relevant local variable were: `window'=#<window 1 on
*w3m*<3>>; `frame'=#<frame F1 0xc3c680; and `oframe'=#<frame F46 0x152011e8>

I saw that I had an advice around function `popup-buffer', set by
package `sr-speedbar', but deleting the advice did not improve or change
the situation.

What has fixed the situation for me was to change line 617:
- (pop-to-buffer buffer))
+ (pop-to-buffer-same-window buffer))

So, I'd like to ask people on the list:

1) Can you reproduce this display problem?
2) Does the solution work for you?
3) Does it break anything?
4) Can you reproduce the problem of having to press <return> twice?
5) Any ideas about that?


CA45 09B5 5351 7C11 A9D1  7286 0036 9E45 1595 8BC0