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Re: [BUGFIX] w3m-session-delete [PATCH]

On 2017-12-14 09:28, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> After deleting (or renaming) a session, the point moves to
> the next session (or the current session when renaming), however
> the first session looks being selected since it is highlighted
> using the `w3m-session-selected' face.  How about this instead?

Oh, I hadn't paid attention to that. Yes, your patch is better, but it
doesn't handle the case of deleting the final session on the list - in
that case the cursor jumps back to the first item.

Also, at around line 723 your patch reverts a change I made...

-       (setq title (read-from-minibuffer prompt nil nil nil nil otitle))
+       (setq title (read-from-minibuffer prompt otitle))

The reason I made the change was because of something I read in the
current docstring for function `read-from-minibuffer':

  The optional second arg INITIAL-CONTENTS is an obsolete alternative to
  DEFAULT-VALUE.  It normally should be nil in new code, except when
  HIST is a cons.  It is discussed in more detail below.

When the documentation says 'obsolete', I'm not sure what they mean, and
what the future consequences of retaining the behavior will be, but for
now the behavior is identical, so it isn't so important.

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